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Cooperation and Program of Study


IITIS cooperates with the United Protestant Mission and their partner educational institutions in Africa and Asia, especially with:

  • Université Libre des Pays des Grand Lacs (ULPGL), Goma (DR Congo)
  • Makumira Theological Seminary (Tanzania)
  • Duta Wacana University (Indonesia, Java)
  • Satya Wacana University (Indonesia, Java)
  • Siliman University (Philippines)
  • Sekolat Tingghi Theologia Siantar (Indonesia, Sumatra)
  • Sekolah Tingghi Theologia Abdi Sabda, Medan (Indonesia, Sumatra)

Program of Study

In early 2014, IITIS plans an international and interdisciplinary program of study that will take place in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Participants will come from the Kirchliche Hochschule in Wuppertal, from partner institutions in Indonesia, and from Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In cooperation with the Université Libre des Pays des Grand Lacs (ULPGL) in Goma, this cross-cultural group comprised of both students and teachers from the associated universities will work on the theme of “The Dimensions of Healing.”

In early 2015, a corresponding program will take place in Yogyakarta and Salatiga (Java, Indonesia) in connection with the Duta Wacana University, Satya Wacana University und nearby Muslim institutions.

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