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Conference 2020 Mission Studies (Flett/Nagy)

With generous funding from the Central and Eastern European Association of Mission Studies (CEEAMS) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Missionswissenschaft (DGMW), from February 3-6, 2020, 16 missiologists from 4 continents were hosted by the Orthodox Theology Faculty of the Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania to discuss key methodological concerns in the field of missiology/intercultural theology. This workshop was in service to a forthcoming text tentatively titled the “T&T Clark Handbook on Intercultural Theology and Mission Studies.” Organised by Prof. Dr. John Flett of the University of Divinity, Melbourne, Australia, and Prof. Dorottya Nagy of the Protestantse Theologische Universiteit, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the workshop itself had no formal goal, except the naming of  concerns, acknowledging the tensions which exist within the field, and giving some formal shape to…

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Questions Of Context

Questions of Context

Reading a Century of German Mission Theology MISSIOLOGICAL ENGAGEMENTS by John G. Flett and Henning Wrogemann The gospel is for every tribe, tongue, and nation (Revelation 7:9), but there is no single biblical or theological model for the relationship between the gospel and these diverse cultures. Indeed, every suggested approach carries its own range of philosophical and theological commitments that all too often remain unexamined. Contextualization is fraught with challenges—yet wrestling with questions of context is essential for how we understand mission, theology, and the embodiment of the Christian faith. German missiology has engaged these questions in a variety of ways that can both inform and critique Anglo-American traditions. In this compilation and analysis, John Flett and Henning Wrogemann translate and…

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Religion – Macht – Raum: Religiöse Machtansprüche Und Ihre Medialen Repräsentationen

Religion – Macht – Raum: Religiöse Machtansprüche und ihre medialen Repräsentationen

(Veröffentlichungen der Wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft für Theologie (VWGTh) 56, ISBN 978-3-374-05754-2 hg. Daniel Cyranka und Henning Wrogemann, Leipzig 2018 Religion – Power – Space. Religious Claims to Power and their Medial Representations The topic "Religion – Power – Space" is currently of great significance. In social discourses in many countries religious actors raise their claims to validity in the public space. In which way these get realized medially? Which concepts of space are implied? Which theoretical concepts are available to consider these questions? The contributions of this volume discuss these questions in an extensive and illuminating way with regard to the phenomena in different specific religious traditions. Evangelische Verlagsanstalt Leipzig, Price: 38,- €

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Henning Wrogemann  Intercultural Theology, Volume Three: A Theology Of Interreligious Relations (Missiological Engagements)

Henning Wrogemann Intercultural Theology, Volume Three: A Theology of Interreligious Relations (Missiological Engagements)

In this third volume of his three-volume Intercultural Theology, Henning Wrogemann proposes that we need to go beyond currently trending theologies of mission to formulate both a theory of interreligious relations and a related but methodologically independent theology of interreligious relations. Migratory movements are contributing to an ongoing process of religious pluralization in societies that tended to be more religiously homogenous in the past. Interreligious platforms, movements, and organizations are growing in number. Meanwhile, everyday life continues to be characterized by very different modes of interreligious cooperation. Coming to a better understanding of such modes is a major concern for societies with high levels of religious and cultural plurality. Wrogemann's conviction is that much would be achieved if we posed…

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Henning Wrogemann:  Intercultural Theology, Volume 2: Theologies Of Mission     Christianity Is Not Only A Global But Also An Intercultural Phenomenon.

Henning Wrogemann: Intercultural Theology, Volume 2: Theologies of Mission Christianity is not only a global but also an intercultural phenomenon.

In this second volume of his three-volume Intercultural Theology, Henning Wrogemann turns to theologies of mission. Mission theologies, he argues, are found in a wide range of implicit as well as explicit forms, from the practice of Christian presence by a Pakistani Christian among a marginalized people to the published deliberations of mission scholars in the West. The task of intercultural theology is to investigate and promote awareness of the variety of culture- and context-specific theologies of mission. From Warneck to Bosch, from Edinburgh to Lausanne to Busan, Wrogemann provides an overview of the theological underpinnings, rationalizations, and visions for mission and its practice. Tracing developments across a range of Christian traditions, movements, themes, and regions of the globe, from…

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Intercultural Theology, Volume One:  Intercultural Hermeneutics  (Missiological Engagements), IVP 2016,  By Henning Wrogemann

Intercultural Theology, Volume One: Intercultural Hermeneutics (Missiological Engagements), IVP 2016, by Henning Wrogemann

Christianity is not only a global but also an intercultural phenomenon. The diversity of world Christianity is evident not merely outside our borders but even within our own neighborhoods. Over the past half century theologians and missiologists have addressed this reality by developing local and contextual theologies and by exploring issues like contextualization, inculturation, and translation. In recent years these various trajectories have coalesced into a new field called intercultural theology. Bringing together missiology, religious studies, social science research, and Christian theology, the field of intercultural theology is a fresh attempt to rethink the discipline of theology in light of the diversity and pluriformity of Christianity today. Henning Wrogemann, one of the leading missiologists and scholars of religion in Europe,…

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Henning Wrogemann:  Missionswissenschaft Unterwegs –  Interkulturelle Und Interreligiöse Perspektiven

Henning Wrogemann: Missionswissenschaft unterwegs – Interkulturelle und interreligiöse Perspektiven

In pluralen Gesellschaften werden Religionen in vielfacher Weise zum Thema, etwa in ihrem Verhältnis zur Moderne, ihren Potentialen, auf Katastrophen zu reagieren, ihren Wahrheitsansprüchen oder ihrem Beitrag zu einem multireligiösen Miteinander. Solche und andere Phänomene primär in außereuropäischen, aber auch europäischen Kontexten zu deuten, ist eine der Aufgaben des Faches Missionswissenschaft, das heute auch unter dem Begriff Interkulturelle Theologie gefasst wird. Die Beiträge dieses Aufsatzbandes des bekannten Missionswissenschaftlers Henning Wrogemann wollen in interkultureller, interreligiöser und wissenschaftstheoretischer Perspektive einen Eindruck von der Fülle der Phänomene und Fragen vermitteln. Missionswissenschaft unterwegs bedeutet dabei zweierlei: Missionswissenschaft gibt es nur unterwegs zu den Phänomenen und zugleich unterwegs in der Weiterentwicklung ihres Selbstverständnisses als einer wissenschaftlichen Disziplin. [Missiology on the Way. Intercultural and Interreligious Perspectives]…

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Inaugural-Lecture Of Privatdozent Dr. John G. Flett At Protestant University Wuppertal / Bethel

Inaugural-Lecture of Privatdozent Dr. John G. Flett at Protestant University Wuppertal / Bethel

On June 15th 2016 the Protestant University Wuppertal/Bethel hosted the inaugural lecture of its new "Privatdozent" (PD) Dr. John G. Flett. In 2015 Flett completed his "Habilitationsschrift," published under the title Apostolicity: The Ecumenical Question in World Christian Perspective (Missiological Engagements, IVP-Academic). This ground breaking work reads the question of structure and continuity through the lens of world Christianity. Flett currently teaches Mission Studies and Intercultural Theology at Pilgrim Theological College that forms part of the University of Divinity Melbourne (Australia). Flett's "Antrittsvorlesung" (inaugural lecture) examined two contemporary methods within mission studies: World Christianity and Intercultural Theology. In a word of greeting, the Vice-Rector, Prof. Dr. Henning Wrogemann, expressed the pride Protestant University Wuppertal/Bethel has in having PD Dr. John…

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Witchcraft, Demons And Deliverance

Witchcraft, Demons and Deliverance

Witchcraft, Demons and Deliverance: A Global Conversation on an Intercultural Challenge Claudia Währisch-Oblau, Henning Wrogemann (Eds.)  Reihe: Beiträge zur Missionswissenschaft / Interkulturellen Theologie Bd. 32, 2015, 328 S., 34.90 EUR, 34.90 CHF, br., ISBN 978-3-643-90657-1 Beliefs in witchcraft and demons still shape many societies and seem to be increasing rather than disappearing with modernization and urbanization. Witch hunts in Africa and Asia show the scope of the problem. The deliverance practices of Pentecostal and charismatic churches are widely controversial and their effects rather ambiguous. The contributions in this volume, written by experts and practitioners from four continents, analyze these phenomena from the perspectives of intercultural theology, anthropology and ethnology and describe the responses of Catholic and Protestant churches. Claudia Währisch-Oblau…

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Magic, Witchcraft, Demons and Deliverance

“Deliverance is possible, but it needs to be in line with the Bible”, so began Pentecostal pastor Apostle Dr. Opoku Onyinah. Onyinah is the Chairman of Church of Pentecost, which, with over a million members, is the largest Pentecostal church in Ghana. Here, as in many other places, are the themes of demon belief and exorcism or deliverance of daily relevance. And similar phenomenon can be observed in other continents. To examine this question, the conference Magic, Witchcraft, Demons and Deliverance. A Global Conversation on an Intercultural Challenge, which took place between 24.-26. October 2014 at the International Protestant Conference Center in Wuppertal, brought together sixty participants from more than 15 countries. Presenters included scientists of religion, missiologists, theologians, ethnologists and anthropologists along with practioners such as Ephorus Dr. Jaharianson Saragih from Indonesia.…

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Life And Survival In Eastern Congo

Life and Survival in Eastern Congo

"Jambo! My name is Thorben…" and in like manner did each theology student from Wuppertal introduce themselves to the cheers of about 1000 gathered Christians during the Sunday morning worship service held in the Baptist church of Virunga in the city of Goma, DRC. This was the first time that such a group of students had visited the region. Thorben was one of the participants of an intercultural study program carried out by the Institute for Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies (IITIS) from the Protestant University of Wuppertal/Bethel (KiHo) in cooperation with the United Evangelical Mission (UEM). During 24 February to 11 March 2014, a total of 10 students from Evangelical Church in the Rhineland (EKiR), the Evangelical Church of…

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Democratic Republic Of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo

In February/March 2013, Prof. Wrogemann and Dr. John Flett visited the city of Goma in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  This has resulted in a working relationship between IITIS and the Université des Pays des Grand Lacs (ULPGL). In 2002, a volcanic eruption destroyed a large part of Goma. The same city – along with the whole region of North and South Kivu (and bordering provences) – has for decades suffered from war and the activities of rebel groups.    

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Cooperation and Program of Study

Cooperation IITIS cooperates with the United Protestant Mission and their partner educational institutions in Africa and Asia, especially with: Université Libre des Pays des Grand Lacs (ULPGL), Goma (DR Congo) Makumira Theological Seminary (Tanzania) Duta Wacana University (Indonesia, Java) Satya Wacana University (Indonesia, Java) Siliman University (Philippines) Sekolat Tingghi Theologia Siantar (Indonesia, Sumatra) Sekolah Tingghi Theologia Abdi Sabda, Medan (Indonesia, Sumatra) Program of Study In early 2014, IITIS plans an international and interdisciplinary program of study that will take place in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Participants will come from the Kirchliche Hochschule in Wuppertal, from partner institutions in Indonesia, and from Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In cooperation with the Université Libre des Pays des…

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Religious Minorities And Christian-Muslim Relations

Religious Minorities and Christian-Muslim Relations

On March 19th 2012, in cooperation with the Christian Study Center in Rawalpinidi, Pakistan, Prof Wrogemann conducted a seminar on the theme “Religious Minorities and Christian-Muslim Relations.” The director of the Christian Study Center, Dr Christine Amjad-Ali, organized this seminar, and the keynote lecture examined the topic of “Sharia Law and the development of reform Islam.” Many Muslim intellectuals and lecturers and students from the International Islamic University (Islamabad) were in attendance, along with representatives of Christian churches and organizations. The consequent discussion addressed the controversial issue of the current Pakistani penal legislation, and especially the matter of the so-called “blasphemy law.” With over 100 participants, it was a successful event, and one can expect that other similar event will…

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